Friday, 31 August 2012

Garden Log Furniture.

Garden Log Furniture
Not much turning in this one I'm afraid! LOL, although I did turn the tenons on the table legs(or should that be table logs...ahem..).
Our old 'picnic' style bench has seen better days and after I used it to put a large log on for slabbing(it had to be lifted with a farm loader), it wasn't quite the sturdy seat it had previously been......
Anyway, I have a chainsaw and logs, so I thought why not have a crack at making my own garden furniture(as you do..)
Making the chairs from single logs is quite timber intensive but I have the cut out portions to use for turning and I really like the single log approach, it kind
Sycamore Log Table
of makes them a bit 'ancient throne' like(in my mind anyway,LOL).
For the table I used a more 'usual' log furniture style with legs made from branch wood.
I have burned a double off-centre circle/ring design on the chair backs and on the table top, which I hope gives them that little bit of extra visual appeal and ties the three pieces together in a set.
It's all made from semi seasoned Sycamore logs and I will oil it at some point but for now I want to let it weather and crack a bit, just to give it a bit of 'age'.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Silver Patina Bowl

We have a two day craft fair coming up on the 8-9th of September and I have been making some plain bowls to sell there. I decided to make a few 'showier' bowls to go on our table as well, these obviously carry a higher price than most 'craft fair visitors' wish to pay but I find them a good thing to get people looking and asking questions(and then hopefully buying something from the table).
Anyway this is the first new highly textured and decorated bowl made especially for this purpose. I used a piece of four inch deep Beech that was a bit wormy, I don't mind the worm trails in things I'm going to give an aged look/patina to, I think they add to the overall aged look. The inside and the silver band are covered in a metal leaf which after the glue has dried is 'aged' with with a vigorous buffing with a cloth, making sure to rub through on the corners as this is of course where an object would wear over time with a great amount of handling. The outer is randomly textured with a burr in a Dremel tool and the crackled area is carved in with the same tool. The 'cracks' are coloured black and a base coat of a slightly purplish blue applied before the silver.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Log Job!!

Its funny how jobs can just randomly show up on your doorstep isn't it? In this instance it was quite literally the case!
The doorbell rang the other evening, my wife answered it and came through and said "theres somebody who wants to know if they can buy a log" (I have a good collection sitting on my drive at present..). I went to the door to speak to the lady, who explained that she was a photographer looking for a nice log to make into a 'platform' for laying new born babies on for photographing.
We selected a log roughly 11" wide agreed a price and I cut the required length from it. I loaded it into her car and she went off to the cash machine to get me the reddies(I know I'm very trusting,LOL).
On her return she asked if I would cut out the 'dip' for the babies to lay in for her as she didn't really have a way(or prehaps a clue!) of how to do it. I lifted the log out of the boot again and this morning made the cut out by first chainsawing and then using a sanding wheel in the grinder to smooth it out. I also took the liberty of smoothing the ends out and rounding off all the edges to make it a bit more 'infant friendly'
I think its a pretty nice idea, a natural looking setting such as the log will look good and will certainly make a more interesting baby picture than the usual 'white cloth background. I couldn't resist popping 'Bedtime Bear' on to try it out! LOL

Friday, 3 August 2012


Well its been a while hasn't it........... I've had a lot going on in the last couple of months that has kept me away from the lathe and as a result from sharing my work with you. Well hopefully I am going to be able to produce a lot more work again now and keep this blog updated on the regular basis I have always mean't to do. Anyway enough babble, LOL, back to some proper work!

Pearl is a sculpture that is based around a 12" diameter broken Sycamore circle. The idea behind the piece is simply a 'Pearl of wisdom, bursting the bubble of illusion', in other words that little bit of truth breaking a long held incorrect belief.
The 'pearl' is a beech sphere that is breaking the circle which I have carved and coloured to look as though(I hope) it is deflating after it has been breeched. The base is a square of Mahogany coloured white to match the 'pearl' the ring is black, highlighted with gold gilt cream.