Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Midnights Little Flower

Finally managed a to get a long overdue opportunity to get a new piece of work done and a blog entry!!
Just after finishing work on the potato harvest I managed to injure my back to the point of not being able to turn or do very much of anything at all, other than say "ouch" quite a lot!!
To cut a very long story short, a friend recommended a chiropractor, I went along albeit a little bit sceptical to be honest but after three sessions of massage and 'manipulation', I'm really pleased to say that I wouldn't even know that I had ever hurt it!!
Anyway, on to the important stuff! The only turning I have done since the
beginning of October has been basic stuff for customers, door/drawer knobs,
a few pens to sell around Christmas and a couple of small plain bowls. I can only say how pleased I am to have a bit of time for turning what I want to turn again!!
'Midnights Little Flower' is the fourth piece in my 'Dark' series of work, although perhaps not as darkly themed as some of the others it is, to me at least, still something of the night. I hope the title is pretty self explanatory of the design, I have used cold colours, especially silver and purple to give the piece a 'lit by moonlight' feel.