Friday, 5 April 2013

Dark Energy.

 I was reading about the possible discovery of what 'dark matter' actually is the other day and this got me thinking, as these things do....
 The other great mystery of the universe is 'dark energy' that makes up about seventy percent of the Universe causing the ever accelerating expansion of everthing and nobody has a clue as to what it is.
  This mystery energy is what inspired the design of this hollow form, I have it streaming forth from another dimension (Ok the opening!) and permeating the Universe in a great flow. It is funny where inspiration comes from sometimes but the Universe and as a consequence, the true reality of everything is something that is often in my mind.
 The form is from the same Sycamore stash I have been working through for the last week or two. It has three carved feet to keep it stable and a carved curved tail. It has been textured and then coloured with acrylics and the high points picked out with silver.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

An Unquiet Mind

 Another Sycamore hollow form with carved feet! I just love making these little forms and decorating them. This one is four and a half inches tall and has been both decorated with pyrography and textured with a rotary tool.
 The title relates to the piece by way of the 'streams' of thought eminating from within and being generally random or chaotic,sometimes looping, sometimes joining and sometimes diverging, yet they still fill the piece making a 'complete' pattern that seems to be a single entity.... This is the way I see the human mind, well mine anyway, lol!