Friday, 22 November 2013

New Workshop Progress!

The new workshop is starting to take shape with progress being made with the blockwork despite the November weather trying to stop us! I'm making a timelapse video of the build and this is it thus far!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Been Busy.....

  I haven't blogged for a while or indeed done any woodturning! Since the second of September I have been working on renovating our new home as quickly as humanly possible. We had thought it would take until somewhere around Christmas time to complete the work to the inside of the house but somehow by working really hard seven days a week, more often or not into the evenings and the help of our family we have not only finished but also moved in!!
 The downside of all of this is that my former 12' x 8' workshop has moved with us but become nothing more than a storage shed for all of my tools and timber as I have had to fit the contents of three sheds into it!!! Rather than buy another, larger timber workshop I decided that building a more permanent structure was a better route to take even though it will take time to build. Now I know nothing about building so I am relying on the expertise of my Father in law who is very kindly helping me with it.
 The new workshop will be 26.5' x 12' as this gives a footprint of the thirty square meters that is the maximum size of outbuilding that can be built before the cost and hassle of 'Building Regulations' comes into play. I hope to get the whole thing constructed in the next month and get back to doing what I enjoy doing the most, turning and making!!
 This morning with the help of my Father in law, Brother and Nephew I have the foundations filled with three square meters of concrete which we had to barrow across the garden from the back of a cement mixer lorry and I now feel that I have a proper start made to my new workshop!!! :)

A start.