Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I've not been able to do any turning or have time to update my blog for a week and a half thanks to pesky illnesses!! Last Monday Dylan had to go to the hospital for an x-ray on his thumb as he had hurt it, thankfully it wasn't broken! By Tuesday he began vomiting violently, we found out the hospital has a serious Norovirus outbreak and sometime in the three hour wait to get his x-ray the poor lad got infected....
With the new baby in the house we had to keep Dylan away from her to stop him passing on the infection, this in essence meant keeping him away from my wife as much as possible too. So I became his primary carer.
The inevitable happened and by Friday, when the little lad had recovered, I got it too!! Now Dylan being twenty months old dealt with his illness remarkably well and remained active and playful throughout the whole thing. Me on the other hand being an adult, couldn't get out of bed until Monday, couldn't eat a thing and existed on a diet of Ribena!
The good news is we both feel better now and neither my wife or four week old Daisy came down with it! I also managed to get out to the shed for a while this morning and made one of my pointy ended organic forms and will post it here tomorrow!


  1. Hi JT,

    How you geting on mate?

    Any updates on your work at the moment, not seen you posting or a while?

    Hope all is well?



  2. Hi Lee, I'm fine, I've not had much time to do any turning, the family is taking up my time at present!!
    The hollow form I was going to show mentioned in the post above I went off before I posted it! Its now a texture,colour and pyro practice piece LOL!
    I have got three diferent style bowls to show and will post these here......

    thanks, Johnny