Friday, 4 May 2012

The Blood Urn

Well I couldn't just make things for the stall without doing something from my head filled with ideas!
'The Blood Urn' is more of a 'squarer' shaped vessel than what I usually produce and is coupled with the matching sphere to hopefully give a Human(ish) form.
I have tried to create the look of something very old and important and had the idea in mind of a burial urn containing the ashes of some great tribal leader or warlord, something to be revered by the leader's people for eternity. The striking blood colour, brushed with gold showing both the strength and wealth of the 'occupant'. I know that's a bit waffley but having an idea or theme really helps me get into what I want to produce, hopefully giving it a bit of feeling....LOL!
The piece stands around 9" tall and is mounted on a quarter of a circle base with a small rectangular panel of matching embellishment to help tie the whole piece together through all three elements. The colours are all acrylics and the texture has been created with these by the method of application.


  1. Johnny,

    Thats really nice. Good to see you are still being 'creative' The base really finishes it off for me. Great stuff

  2. Cheers Gordon. Hope your back is still improving/not hurting so much mate.