Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tear Drop Bottle

Here's something a bit different to my usual stuff, its obviously born from the shapes I was playing with in the 'Windblown Trio' posted below, I often find that a new idea is had while working on the previous one.
 This piece is made from Oak, that has been sand blast textured and coloured with acrylics. I have created a dull silver patina on the parts I wished to appear as metal. The 'metal' cage around the bottle frames the four 'eyes' that you get with endgrain Oak, two made by the grain and the other two at ninety degrees to them created by the rays.
 I have made the tear drop stopper what may in some peoples opinion be over size but I wanted this as it makes the whole piece appear 'bolder' than a smaller one would. I can imagine a bottle like this in the ancient world holding some precious oil or potion.
 I am really enjoying playing with the textures and effects that shot blasting can achieve.


  1. Hi Johnny,
    My daughter Grace says this is very delicate...and would look great in her room! Is it available for sale still?

  2. That's great, to be honest you have a few turned item that I like. When I pop over I will bring cash!