Monday, 27 January 2014


'Nut' is the second piece in my new 'Welded' series. This one has gone a bit rusty......
 I thought it would be interesting to make a threaded bar insert and a nut but to leave these in natural wood. I liked the idea of doing it this way as it's the opposite of what you may expect, that is, a turned vessel is usually wood (I know it is but you get the idea) and a nut is generally metal.
 I have made the threaded bar from Mahogany which has the added bonus of being naturally rust coloured, the nut and hollow form are Sycamore.
I have a few more ideas for these but need to work out a few methods to get the results I want for the next ones.........

 I made the threaded bar much longer than needed so that it can  be turned further out or in, which gives the piece a nice 'fiddleability'(new word? lol)

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