Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dark Of Heart

Dark of heart is the second piece in what I'm planning to do as a series based on the ideas in the post below.
This one is a bit darker in thought, it is representative of the darkness that lives within a corner of all our hearts, the monster within, anger, hatred, etc.
The 'monster' has a large mouth filled with spike teeth to bite into its victim, its body is covered with backward pointing spikes so
that once its bit in to its victim its not coming out!! A nasty piece of work indeed! We try to not listen to it, pretend its not there and keep it down inside but its always lurking deep inside.....
The form itself is ebonised Elm, I used Elm as I wanted to have the open grain as texture on the monsters 'skin', it has 32 individual aluminium spikes, 22 on the outside and 10 inside as teeth.
Its a bit more sculptural than much of my usual fare but was a lot of fun to think up, design and produce.

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