Monday, 18 July 2011

Monochromatic Dreams

This represents one of those sudden changes in direction in my work that come rushing into my mind now and then, maybe I've been working with Elm and soft natural looking curves for a bit too long recently and my creative subconscious has given me a kick up the backside with thoughts of angular shapes,shiny metal, black, white, a more contemporary/futuristic style and a sculptural feel......
The idea of adding metals to my
work has been fed by the 'Brass Finial' series and the thoughts of high contrast satin black with shiny silver in a darker, spiky, almost industrial way seem very appealing at the moment.
This first piece based on these ideas was formed entirely in my mind and not on paper, hence the title 'Monochromatic Dreams'.
The 'bowl' section is ebonised Beech, there are nine polished aluminium spikes and it sits on a square of Mahogany coloured with white acrylic paint.

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  1. Hi Johnny

    This is a great series. Keep up the great work and the inspiring direction you are moveing in.

    Take care