Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Colour Series 'Erosion'

'Erosion' Form
Here is the first piece that will be an offshoot of my 'Colour Series' pieces a  'Mini-Series' if you like...... I was going to wait to post these until I had a set of three but I liked the eroded effect so much I just wanted to share it!!
 Believe it or not this is a piece of pine, its a bit weird to turn as you can feel the hard-soft-hard nature of the grain through the gouge but it sure smells nice! I've heard it said that it is impossible to get a good finish on pine but I must say with a sharp tool and gentle finishing cuts it doesn't turn out too badly at all.
 Why on earth are you using pine?? I hear you say, well the soft and hard grain makes it a good choice for the sandblaster, as the soft part is easily removed by the blast media to give the deeply eroded look.
  I did have to have a little rummage through the local wood yards shed of dry stuff to find a bit with a decent close grain pattern and not too many knots close to each other so that I could cut my lengths for forms out between the worst ones.
 As its one of my 'Colour Series' I have used the same basic rules I use for colouring those, that being a colour in the grooves, a second colour(well its always black or white) on the higher parts over that and finally a metallic accent.

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