Sunday, 20 January 2013

Three Looks For One Form.

Pine Lidded Form
Sandblasted Pine Lidded Form

   I occasionally get comments on my work from people on various forums 'disapproving' of added textures and colours. I of course respect the fact that for them wood should look like well..wood!
  For me these decorative processes are what appeal to my creative side, don't get me wrong, I too love the look of natural wood and wouldn't dream of adding colours and textures all over a piece of beautifully figured timber (well maybe just a slight accent
 However, I usually work with quite bland timbers that I can have more control over the final appearance of.
 The whole process of taking what is essentially a 'lump' of wood turning it to a pleasing form and altering it to fit my own vision is what feeds my creative needs. I very much enjoy the transformation at the various stages in producing my work.
  What for me is the first stage in producing a piece, that is the turned form (pic above) is for many others the finished object and that is great. I cannot disagree that a simple pleasing to the eye, well finished form is a 'winner' every time and perhaps quite rightly a majority of turners feel this way.
 Others myself included can't help but think 'what if' and run with our imaginations, changing the appearance and therefore hopefully the 'feel' of the woodturned items we make.
Sandblasted Coloured Lidded Pine Form
 The highly decorated pieces may not appear at first glance just like wood but believe me those that make them love wood and working with it just as much as anybody else. Its a big world out there with enough room for all tastes. Just my thoughts on this subject :).....
 Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures of the stages from simple form, to textured form to finished piece. This one by the way is the first of another set of three of the pine forms that are part of my 'Colour Series'.

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