Sunday, 26 June 2011

Flower Box

This was made for a competition on a UK woodturning forum, its a bit experimental and probably won't do well in the competition..... It has however been a fun experiment with form, colour and most importantly using one shape going through another. The design as the title suggests is based loosely on that of a flower in bloom, with the box part being the centre and 'seed part' at the back and the skeleton collar being the petals or should I really say representative of petals.The central box part is a small piece of
Elm which had been saved as a spindle blank but was just wide enough to be utilised for this
project. The 'petal' part is a small 4" offcut of Beech, it has been coloured with acrylics and spirit stains.
That just leaves the inside of the box which has been textured and coloured to give the appearance of hammered bronze, the rough texture is also like the inside of the seed head husk of a flower with dimples where the seeds were.


  1. Hi Johnny

    Really like this and could see it making an interesting series.

    Keep up the good work.

    Take care


  2. Thankyou Mark, I've been a little 'adrift' creatively for a while but I'm glad to say ideas and styles have started to flow back into my mind again, some around the ideas in this piece and other completely new ones!!