Thursday, 2 June 2011

Small Forms

With the craft fair fast approaching I have been trying to produce some affordable but attractive items for my stall. The easiest way to do this is to make some smaller items which greatly reduces the amount of timber used and time taken. Its also a great way to try out a few ideas quickly which can be built upon later or not depending on how I feel about the end results. The small vessel opposite is just a little under three inches tall and about the same wide. The lines around it are cut and then burned in, they are slightly wider around the widest part of the vessel and narrower at the thinner base. It is my hope that this effect gives a natural appearance to the bands in the way they relate to the shape, accentuating the curve to the small base.
The second small form on the left here I am not so sure about, its a little bigger than the first and a fuller shape. The thing I don't like about it is the way the close together banding makes the base appear much wider than it is in 'real life' . I include it here as I found it fascinating how such a subtle thing as a close banded texture can change the way the whole form of a piece can look.


  1. Really like the textured band, can you post details?

  2. Bill, these are really simple to do. Mark the edges of the band by scoring a line with the point of a skew, texture the band with a dremel or similar tool with a burr bit fitted, use a random circle pattern and simply paint a base colour(black in this case) and then use a different colour to paint the high spots. Easy :)