Monday, 30 May 2011

New Style Band Decoration

I'm currently producing things suitable for the craft fair we will be taking part in on the eleventh of June in the quaint little village of Edingthorpe in Norfolk. It will be held at the beautiful and fascinating thousand(ish) year old village church in conjunction with the 'Edingthorpe open gardens' event.
I have some gorgeous pieces of English Elm and I am making a couple of 'usable' bowls from it to sell. Me being me I couldn't leave them quite plain! The band on this one is a new style for me.
Flat top beads. burned with a wire burner between the bands, dyed and finally a tiny amount of silver gilt cream which just changes the appearance of the band in a really subtle but pleasing way.
I really like the look of the band and I think I will make an opposite version, that is, the flat beads over the entire outside of the bowl with a natural band around it where the band is on this one. That however is another project for another day!

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