Thursday, 9 June 2011

Website improvements

Well the new website only went up two weeks or so ago but my good friend Tim James who put it together for me wasn't happy with it. The gallery wasn't quite right and there were issues with the quality of reproduction of the images when enlarged, there were also a few more minor niggles with it that I won't go into now!
Anyway here we are two weeks later and a second new website has been uploaded to replace the first! Once again I need to thank Tim for spending his time helping me with this(I say 'helping', I mean 'doing' it for me!!!). The whole thing is a big step forward with amongst other things, an improved gallery, a picture of me(!!) and the one bit I have done......getting my webcam up and running again!
Please do take a look at the website and let me know what you think, both Tim and myself would like to get some feedback on our endeavours!


  1. Hi Johnny - my immediate thoughts on the website:
    The highlight on the menu is pretty ugly - the black text is not that easy to read against the background.
    The preview images in the gallery could perhaps be a little bigger.
    Even though your email addresses on the contact page are not links you still might get web-crawlers picking them up - I'd recommend either displaying them as a graphic or contruscting them in javascript.


  2. Thanks Duncan. I think you are right on both counts. The highlight on the sidebar buttons is the worst thing for me, they need toning down for sure!