Monday, 9 January 2012

Blue and Green Vase.

 I seem to be getting several things completed recently, which is good!
 The reason I made this vase was to try out a method of undercoating colour to give a very matt stone like finish with acrylic paints. I'm quite pleased with the result after the airbrushed blue to green fade.
 I do not know how this piece will look after a few days as the Sycamore its made from is from a tree which blew down last Friday! It does, I think, have a good chance of survival as it is turned very thin and I have turned very green Sycamore to a finish before without any problems.
 Still whatever happens to it, it is always great fun to turn wet Sycamore with streams of shavings flying from the gouge and a free shower from the spinning timber to boot!

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