Sunday, 8 January 2012

Magma Bubble.

 This little hollow form(5" tall) was an idea that came to me from the making of the spheres in the previous post, the shapes reminded me of oozing lava, as these things invariably do this lead to me thinking and coming up with this idea. Its basically based on how underwater erupting lava looks, the way the outer part of the lava hardens and darkens and then is suddenly cracked open by intense pressure to reveal just for a moment new, fresh hot magma for the cycle to begin again.
 The piece was first turned,then carved, hollowed out and finally decorated. The 'lava' section has been airbrushed and the upper and lower pieces have been textured by pyrography, ebonised and then had a small amount of silver acrylic applied thinly over the outside allowing the deep parts of the textured area to remain jet black. The small finial is turned from aluminium to tie in with the silver over the ebonised part.


  1. Love it, inspired piece.

  2. Thanks Bill. I plan on doing a few more pieces along these lines in the future.