Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Its been over a month now since I have posted anything up here or indeed since I have been able to produce any work! All four of us(wife, son, daughter and myself) have had a really nasty little virus that many people locally have had that lasts six weeks! As a result I have used much of my spare time looking after the children, one is two years and the other just nine months, so its been lots of nose wiping and comforting!
The other big thing that has happened is that I have been diagnosed with a medical condition that has prevented me from entering 'deep sleep', feeling very tired has been the way of my life for a long time. After tests(and to cut a long story short) the sleep specialist at the local hospital told me my condition was so severe that I might have not bothered to go to bed at all for all the good it was doing me!! I am now receiving treatment and the fog of tiredness is lifting, this leads to the design of the piece pictured opposite.......
The basic idea of the design is to show the colour emerging from the dark spheres, where the spheres represent parts of my mind and the colours are thoughts, brighter, sharper, quicker, all emerging from the darkness of my own tiredness. The 'stand' is representative of the mind as a whole(its physically keeping the spheres together as one thing) and the spheres can be seen through windows in it. I wanted the 'stand' to appear 'rough' or 'rustic' like something ancient hewn out of stone as I thought this would be a good look for the piece.
I don't know how it will be seen by others as its quite a personal thing to me, so obviously carries meaning for myself......

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