Thursday, 17 March 2011

Experimental Piece.

My parents looked after Dylan yesterday and Georgie took baby Daisy to show her off in a visit to her colleagues. Seizing my chance I made a dash for 'the shed' . I have had this pointy ended 'organic' Elm hollow form hanging around for a while with no 'lid' or finish. It was in my collection of 'I'll finish it later when a plan for it comes to mind' pieces. I don't mean to have unfinished work everywhere but I often get sidetracked and leap into a different project leaving things half done, but its often a good thing as it allows different ideas on how to finish them come to mind at some point, without being forced.
As many ideas do this came to me while laying in bed waiting for sleep to come, for me this is a time when various ideas and designs race around my mind without any of the distractions of the day breaking my chain of thought. The first thought for this was a disk cut out into three points to make a steady 'stand' to keep it still but as I imagined it I began to picture a wrap around style, similar to an acorn cup but made with a skeleton design, with a gap between to allow the full form to be viewed and also allowing

the piece to roll and center itself on the densest area of wood, adding another dimension (or keeping it) of movement/freedom . The skeleton design of course leads to the cup looking worn or corroded/rotten/eaten away and influences both the colour used and finish. I have used unnatural colour to contrast the natural organic look
of the form.
It is also the first piece photographed with my new lights and graduated background, which I hope leave the piece standing out better in the picture with the distraction of my old crumpled white background finally gone!

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