Sunday, 13 March 2011

Some texture inspiration.

As said in the previous post I have been snapping away at things of interest on my walks, I think its going to be a great way of having textural inspiration at hand and a good way to study things without appearing odd to others holding my head 6 inches away from random objects for minutes at a time!
The texture on the old timber sea defenses is great, I have no idea how to recreate this but it really does give me something to think about, this would look great on a sculptural piece or wall hanging.
The same old timber defenses have these corroded bolt heads in them. The speckles of colour and grainy appearance of the decayed metal is great and something I'm planning on using. It not only can be used to show decay but also great age, the effect of the rust bleeding into the timber is something I never would have thought of without taking the time to do this. This picture especially has ideas flowing from it for me!

I love these weather and tide worn old timbers the staining where the iron was,the enlarging by nature of the man made holes, the weathered bleaching and opening up down the endgrain. It makes me want to run out and buy a shot blaster!

Enough rambling, I'm eager to get back into the shed in a few more days and produce something!


  1. Great start Johnny love the first image thanks for sharing the moment.

  2. Thanks Nick, I'm going to try and post on here at least once a week if not two and if I pick up a few followers along the way it will all be good.

  3. Hi JT,

    I'm in too mate, I'm a great lover of your work. I don't often tell you but it's often becuase i'm amazed and happy by your creations.

    Looking forward to your progress, can't be easy with a young Family but it does get easier, well not really the problems just get more intense LOL.

    Take care mate,


  4. Welcome 'aboard' Lee and thanks!