Sunday, 20 March 2011

Piercing is addictive!

As soon as I had pierced the 'lid' for the piece in the previous post, I sat it on the top of the headstock of the lathe upside down and knew that a bowl with this styling was going to be the next thing I produced. I made a few sketches over the next couple of days and came up with the design for this. Today Georgie had some friends over to meet the baby, not wanting to sit amongst women in 'baby talk' mode and them more than likely not wanting me there, I made for the refuge of 'the shed' with a coffee and my mp3 player to plug into the stereo,happy days!
It was nice to be able to have the door open and the heater off while I was working, spring finally seems to be arriving in Bacton, the daffodils are coming out and the birds are singing!
The initial thought for this piece was to make a simple 'open' bowl shape to pierce but I decided after a bit of a think that a wide rim ogee style bowl would allow the piercing to be shown off better.
My thoughts on the design are based on fire, the 'skeleton' part of the bowl is representative of the flames of the fire dancing away from the black part, which is being burned. Its no more complicated than that.
After turning the ogee bowl I got out a big extension lead and sat in the sun doing the piercing, Dylan saw me from the window and made his wish to join me in the garden known in that special way a nineteen month old can! He took great delight collecting the pieces I was cutting out off the lawn and arranging them on our garden bench, he loves being outside and currently also loves being with daddy, which I love!
After the piercing was done it was time for me to feed the family and then to put Dylan to bed, only then did I get to go back out to the shed,to break out the airbrush and colour my piece!
All in all a nice Sunday afternoon and an end result that I am happy with! I now have four days of 'real' work to look forward to this coming week.....


  1. I Love your work. It inspires me and feeds my passion. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo's of your kiddie winks.

  2. Thanks Elaine, kind words indeed :)

  3. Liking this piece Johnny, gives me ideas for handles on cabinets....

  4. Hello Mark, glad you've found my blog mate :) You can have a proper look at this piece when you're over next. Handles like that! .............