Friday, 31 August 2012

Garden Log Furniture.

Garden Log Furniture
Not much turning in this one I'm afraid! LOL, although I did turn the tenons on the table legs(or should that be table logs...ahem..).
Our old 'picnic' style bench has seen better days and after I used it to put a large log on for slabbing(it had to be lifted with a farm loader), it wasn't quite the sturdy seat it had previously been......
Anyway, I have a chainsaw and logs, so I thought why not have a crack at making my own garden furniture(as you do..)
Making the chairs from single logs is quite timber intensive but I have the cut out portions to use for turning and I really like the single log approach, it kind
Sycamore Log Table
of makes them a bit 'ancient throne' like(in my mind anyway,LOL).
For the table I used a more 'usual' log furniture style with legs made from branch wood.
I have burned a double off-centre circle/ring design on the chair backs and on the table top, which I hope gives them that little bit of extra visual appeal and ties the three pieces together in a set.
It's all made from semi seasoned Sycamore logs and I will oil it at some point but for now I want to let it weather and crack a bit, just to give it a bit of 'age'.


  1. I like especially the thrones. And a very nice spalted Sycamore wood. Which makes me a little jealous :D

  2. Thanks NOvi, all my Sycamore seems to spalt really quickly, I wish I could get some to dry without spalting and stay clean white!! LOL

    1. So are people in general: they want that don't have, or what others have. If you were a little closer I would be given to you a cherry log for a spalted Sycamore :)