Friday, 10 August 2012

Log Job!!

Its funny how jobs can just randomly show up on your doorstep isn't it? In this instance it was quite literally the case!
The doorbell rang the other evening, my wife answered it and came through and said "theres somebody who wants to know if they can buy a log" (I have a good collection sitting on my drive at present..). I went to the door to speak to the lady, who explained that she was a photographer looking for a nice log to make into a 'platform' for laying new born babies on for photographing.
We selected a log roughly 11" wide agreed a price and I cut the required length from it. I loaded it into her car and she went off to the cash machine to get me the reddies(I know I'm very trusting,LOL).
On her return she asked if I would cut out the 'dip' for the babies to lay in for her as she didn't really have a way(or prehaps a clue!) of how to do it. I lifted the log out of the boot again and this morning made the cut out by first chainsawing and then using a sanding wheel in the grinder to smooth it out. I also took the liberty of smoothing the ends out and rounding off all the edges to make it a bit more 'infant friendly'
I think its a pretty nice idea, a natural looking setting such as the log will look good and will certainly make a more interesting baby picture than the usual 'white cloth background. I couldn't resist popping 'Bedtime Bear' on to try it out! LOL


  1. Great post. I'd secretly love to know how much you charged for a log if she had to go to the cash machine to pay for it!

  2. Not too much............. and it was a quality Walnut Log....!! LOL