Friday, 19 October 2012

Colour Series Evolution.

Carved and Coloured
  One of the best things about making a series of pieces is that you get the opportunity to evolve and (hopefully) improve on the original idea. This is of course a really good thing to do, for both the reasons of getting better pieces from the idea and learning much yourself in developing  techniques to better achieve the things that are currently peculiar to the idea but usable in other things in the future.
Carved Tops
 I'm enjoying exploring the basic design of these, the major change here is that I had noticed that some of the wider carvings changed(at some angles) the appearance of the form itself, so these have six sections, evenly spaced so that (almost) whatever angle they are viewed from the curve of the original form can still be seen, thus retaining visual balance.
 I personally like these white versions better than the original set (not that I dislike the first three! lol).


  1. Enjoyed seeing this series of forms Johnny, do you think your marine interest has any bearing on them? They look like sea shells, or other marine life.

  2. Cheers Mark, subconsciously maybe, they are a bit urchin like aren't they.