Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Carved and textured Sycamore hollow form
 Here is the second piece in the series of forms I'm currently working on. As the first was called 'Blue' I can only really call this one 'Red'....LOL.
 The carving on this one is a little more ambitious being 'wrapped around' the form rather than vertical as on the previous piece (although I have plans for a slightly different version of the previous style). I like this one a lot as it has a different look depending on the angle you view it, I think (or at least hope) that this gives it an added dimension and interest.
 Once again it is Sycamore under all that colour and four inches tall (I think I will stick to this general size for however many end up in this series for a spot of continuity!)
Textured hollow form
I am enjoying doing the carving on these and it is a skill I find myself keen to develop further as it just opens up a world of possibilities for embellishing turnings (and an excuse for buying more 'needed' tools to add to my arsenal  of course!).
 The colours are again artists acrylics  and the Gold is gilt cream which does a fantastic job on these at highlighting the texture, the carving and softening the colour.
 There will be more of these to come.......

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