Saturday, 6 October 2012

Finished Form.


  Here is the finished lidded form from the WIP below. Its called 'Circles' for what I hope are obvious reasons!! The 'finial' is a three dimensional representation   of the two dimensional circles used in the decoration. The circles have all been burned in with the pyrography  machine using a small ball end tip one dot at a time! The colour and finish are a coat of danish oil left to dry, then a burnt orange colour dye(mixed from chestnut brand spirit stains) once again left to dry then a couple more coats of danish oil. The first coat of oil is just to stop the dye from sinking in too fast and colouring too strongly. The danish oil does give a nice matt finish over the dye. Hope you like it :)


  1. Nice effect with the dye over oil, always look forward to your posts.
    Cheers, Bill

  2. Thanks Bill, I appreciate that :) I haven't had enough time to make many pieces or posts lately but aim to rectify that!!