Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gold Rim

Mahogany Carved Rim Platter
This platter has been sitting half done on a shelf in my little workshop (shed) for many months. The trouble was (for me anyway) that Mahogany is just not the most interesting of timbers, I had hoped that carving the angled scalloped rim would make it more interesting but still found it a bit boring, so it got put on the shelf with the rim carved but not sanded......
  I was looking at it the other day and suddenly thought making the rim completely gold coloured would be just the thing it needed, so off the shelf it came and I undertook the job of sanding down all those scallops to a good finish quality before applying a few coats of gold gilt cream to the rim and finishing it off with a gloss spray lacquer which both protects the gilt cream and brings out what the Mahogany does have colour and grain wise. The platter is about 12" wide.

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